One of the opportunities open to farmers is the option to branch out into commercial activities that will help bolster the core agricultural business in difficult economic times. The fully organic Cholderton Estate has chosen to go down this route as a means of funding its total commitment to the conservation of the environment and protection of wildlife.

Woodland Burials

Michael’s Wood is a wonderful mature wood which was severely damaged in the 1987 hurricane. After it had been cleared of fallen trees and landscaped, it seemed a natural extension of the estate’s commitment to conservation to devote the area to a woodland burial site.

To learn more about Michael’s Wood visit the website. Further details may also be obtained by contacting the Estate Office via the ‘Contact us’ tab on the menu.

Light Industry

The estate had some old buildings with access to the main trunk road which were no longer required for agricultural purposes. These were redeveloped for light industrial use and let to small local businesses.

Two new 5,000 sq.ft units were subsequently consructed on the same site, one of which specialises in products manufactured from GRP.

This is an example of how both the Estate and the local community can benefit from what started as the creative utilisation of formerly redundant buildings

Other Activities

The estate is also engaged in other services which help provide employment for its staff. These include:

  • Rented Grazing
  • Cottage Rentals

More information on the rented grazing for polo ponies may be found by clicking on the download below.