In the years after the Estate achieved organic status Henry Edmunds had concerns that the benefits of the work that he had done to protect wildlife and promote biodiversity needed to be promoted to a wider audience than the farming community.

In February 2018 the Cholderton Estate Trust was established with the objectives of:

  • the advancement of environmental protection and improvement through the management and conservation of the Cholderton Estate.
  • the advancement of education in relation to environmental and ecological matters through the promotion of organic and sustainable farming and land management practices on the Chnolderton Estate.

For some years the estate has welcomed visits from established wildlife organisations, agricultural bodies, and groups. The intention is to widen the audience to include those who have little knowledge of how a balance between commercial farming and the protection of natural environment can be achieved.

In May 2018 Henry Edmunds gifted his shares in the Cholderton and District Water Company to the Trust which now holds a controlling interest in the company.

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